It is the essence of a person that leaves a deep impression on me...and this is what I hope to bring about in my images of my clients. The essence which speaks more than words...that only an image could speak of..."a picture is worth a thousand words".

Over the years as I delved into my passion of photography, I saw the value of how images can inspire, teach, and evoke emotions in others. I watched it uplift people, show them the world, bring awareness to various issues, and to remember loved ones...those still here and those who have departed.

Another of my biggest passions is animals. Nothing leaves me feeling more fulfilled than bringing my two passions of photography and animals together. When one of the biggest earthquakes and tsunami devastated Japan, I volunteered with animal rescue and photographing them. During the floods of Thailand, I was able to help start a temporary animal shelter, and of course, photograph it. Locally, I photograph the animals in the shelters to give them a better chance in finding their forever homes. In my spare time, I visit sanctuaries and photograph the animals there.

I guess to sum up "About Me"...I'm just a very grateful woman doing what I love and being "in joy" with my passions!


"My favorite photo of myself (EVER) was taken by Lexie :-)   I am very uncomfortable in front of a camera, but she knew to work with me and she nailed it.   Thank you!!!"

Eldad H, Los Angeles

"Lexie has a very special way when taking photographs. She makes you feel at ease whilst also ensuring she captures the look you want. She suggests but never forces and her easy-going nature allows for much laughter--no better way to relax the nervous model.

"Her images are eclectic--I look at them, recognizing myself in most, but also seeing someone I'd never seen before--a beauty and sexiness I never realized I possessed. The following day I could still feel the buzz of knowing that I am sexy which at forty-something felt sooo good!! Lexie's way of seeing the 'real you' is apparent in her photographs which is why they are so fantastic."

Jeannette T., Essex, England

"Lexie has the amazing ability to capture the essence of those unique and priceless moments and memories with her photography.  I have a portrait she took that embodies the personality and soul of my parents that will keep them with me for the rest of my life.  It brought tears to my eyes.  The incredible gift of capturing truly special moments and memories with grace, passion, and heart--that is what you will receive with Lexie and In Joy Photography."

L.T., Napa, CA

"As an actress, I need headshots that are not only going to be beautiful, original and high quality, I need them to capture who I am. I have never taken a single thought of going to any other photographer. Lexie's work is one of a kind. Her talent, passion, and professionalism is evident in every photo she takes. 

"Not only did I get never ending compliments on my photos at my auditions, but after an acting showcase for five casting agents from some of the most well known and praised agencies in the country, they continued to stand up and tell everyone in the crowd that, 'This woman has the best headshots I've ever seen. I would hire her in a heartbeat.  I cannot give enough praise and thanks to Lexie and her work."

Annie G., Napa, California

"Lexie is an amazing, compassionate photographer!  She captures the essence of people in her photographs which makes them very unique!  I highly recommend her for all your photography work."

Frans Stiene, Sydney, Australia

"Being photographed by Lexie was a completely relaxing and enjoyable experience. Her desire to capture the true essence of a person...their passions, emotions, personality, allowed me to relax into the creative process and to become more comfortable being in front of a "lens" than I ever imagined possible. Lexie has a true gift for the artistry and technical aspects of photography but almost more importantly, for connecting with her subjects from a sincere, heartfelt place which elevates the work to a completely different dimension. I will forever treasure the images of myself and my son, and the fun that we had creating them!"

Christina W., Napa, California

"Lexie has been filming for my rescue pet shop for almost a year now.  Her photos and enthusiasm for what I do has been helpful in re-homing 100 dogs from death row.  Her talent and dedication to quality shows in every single shot!"

Kim Sill, Shelter Hope Pet Shop, Thousand Oaks, CA

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